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Using the latest in dust free technology we also look to provide floor sanding services with minimal disruption to the household in the way of excess dust.

Domestic and Commercial Floor Sanding Service in London.

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The Ultimate Guarantee

For that reason we give ALL our floor sanding customers the following Unique Ultimate Guarantee:

Quite Simply, we will:

  1. Treat you courteously and professionally
  2. Turn up when we say we will
  3. Finish on time
  4. Not create or leave any mess (dust free systems used)
  5. Return free of charge to correct any imperfections

…all this means that we’ll leave you with a beautiful looking floor – guaranteed!

Why choose Floor Sanding London for you flooring requirements:

Many years of experience
Specialists in wood block flooring
Free flooring estimates and quotes
Free advice on wooden flooring
Competitive prices
Friendly service
No job too big or too small

Floor sanding and finishing
Floor restoration
Engineered flooring
Hard wood flooring
Solid wood flooring
Laminiated flooring
We cover London & The Home Counties.


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The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company™

No Dust, No Smell and No Hassle!

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Floor sanding London offering wood floor sanding, floor restoration, Dust Free Sanding Expert Service, floor sanding quotes. Free Quote on Wood Floor Sanding Expert London.

Floor Sanding London Offering Wood Floor Sanding, Floor Restoration, Tips & Free Floor Sanding Quotes. Advice On Restoring Floorboards.

Floor Sanding Services in London, Chelsea and Surrounding Areas for Home and Businesses.

What Is The Best Treatment And Finish For Your Wooden Floor?

Don’t make an expensive mistake… Get A FREE quote and FREE advice from the specialists in wood floor finishing…

When deciding to have your floor sanded and refinished, it is vital to select the appropriate floor finishes and product for the specific type of wood, colour and environment, in your home. Find out why choosing the services of a professional floor sanding company makes a BIG difference!

Do you know if your floor is a Hard Wood Floor or Soft Wood Floor?

This is important as soft wood floors work successfully with a much smaller range of products and finishes than equivalent hard wood flooring. If you are not sure, don’t worry we will be able to tell you.

Do you know what type of wood is used in your floor?

There are many species of wood used in flooring today (over 50!), for example:

  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Walnut
  • Beech

Again it is important to choose the correct finishing process for each individual type of wood floor. Only specialist professionals (like ourselves) who work on different floor types day after day have the knowledge to correctly advise you.  (and we quote and advise for FREE)

Is the floor solid wood or semi-solid?

Both can be successfully treated but require different approaches to the initial sanding – that’s why The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company™ uses several different types of floor sanding machines each suited to a specific floor type.

Do you want your floor stained or left with a natural finish?

Not all wood floor types are suitable for staining. If an unsuitable stain is put onto a wooden floor at best it can look poor, at worst it will require a complete re-sand in a few short months. Fortunately the specialist staff and management of The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company™ have the training and experience to guide you to the correct choice.

What is the environment of the room?

All rooms are different, for example kitchens and bathrooms have a high level of moisture compared to living areas. Hallways tend to have much greater foot traffic (and thus wear) than other rooms. Each may need a different type of finish and or a different rate of application. Our customers know that we take these factors into account with our recommendation.

What type of finish product do you want?

In the industry today there are many types of finishing product, which can produce various end finishes: glossy, matt, “traditional” or modern, dark or light. These products give you a fantastic range of possibilities. Examples of finishes include:

  • Water Based
  • Hard Wax Oil
  • Lye Treatment
  • Soap Treatment
  • Oiling

Our floor sanding professionals recommend Pallmann floor finishing products. They have been producing the highest quality floor finishing products available for over 100 years.

The Ultimate Floor Sanding Company have the knowledge and experience to help our customers select the best choice of finishes to result in that glossy magazine “look” every time. This is something that sets us apart from other sanding companies.

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How to maintain the finished floor?

A well-maintained floor surface will extend the life (and save you money!) of the floor surface. As a matter of course we advise all our customers on the appropriate measures to take to maintain the floor (and protect your investment)


Client Testimonial

Our hall floor had originally been varnished but had taken some real wear and tear over 20 years as the kids grew up. Charles and his co-worker did a really excellent job! Even very deep high-heel marks vanished, and the colour has gone from dirty brownish-grey to lovely warm tropical timber colours. Smashing.
Mr Hill - Feltham


Excellent service. Very pleasant, knowledgeable and courteous technicians. Will definitely use this company again and will recommend to others. Proves my favourite saying ‘you get what you pay for.

Mrs Blackett - Portsmouth

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