Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing- Our Process
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Wood floor Sanding Finishing Process

Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing

Sanding a Wooden Floor is a multi-step process.Follow our Professional step by step guide to achieve the perfect Floor Sanding & Restoration Work.



Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing.  Infographic by Charles.

In a Nutshell, here’s a Quick Wood Floor Sanding and Finishing Overview

  • Step 1: Preparation
  • Step 2: Filling floorboard gaps with sliver strips (optional).
  • Step 3. Start the floor sanding process.
  • Step 4: Gap filling with filler mix (optional)
  • Step 5: Staining the floor (optional).
  • Step 6: Sealing the floor.
  • Step 7: Maintenance. To get the best service life from your floors follow our guide.


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